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What the heck is a Pomodoro?


a short, timed interval during which you work on what you intended to work on, and only what you intended to work on-- until the timer goes off, at which point you take a break.

Ok so real time life experience using this technique!!!

One morning I just felt the need (down to my bones) that I neeeeeded to sweat (have a good exercise)!

BUUUuuuut I also had a messy kitchen and coffee table I really needed to tidy (not clean.... just tidy)

So I used the Pomodoro technique and did a HIIT session (yay YouTube for helping find a 20 HIIT workout -- linked here). HIIT workouts are already timed for you to take a rest. So during that rest period I either wrote down what was on my mind that I NEEEEDED to tidy before going on to the next thing, or (lets be real, doing one task at a time is hard) during the rest period I would put away the dishes that were on the table, or throw the blanket that belonged in kiddos room up the stairs to deal with when I went past it next....etc.

The trick for a lot of people is that for the Pomodoro technique we need to reward ourselves (which is EASY to forget! But don't forget..... or this technique will just become a really hard chore). If this info helped you out, send it to a friend!

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