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My name is Michelle Rolls. I am a wife, a mom, (and dog mom), a university graduate, and I feel like I am my best version of myself (and most emotionally healthy) in nature... and in the mountains.


I have called my coaching business "How adhd rolls" because I have learned that learning to roll with the punches because of short comings and our "failures" is just how living with adhd rolls! (Plus how could I not use my last name in a pun haha?!)

I am not only a ADHD coach, but I am also an ADHD individual. I bring you my experience from working in the mental health field (in hospitals and private practices), and have a Bachelor's Degree from the Cummings School of Medicine at the University of Calgary. Also, I am currently a support group facilitator with Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada (CADDAC).

I am (and have been) in the same trenches that you are in. I have searched for help and resources and felt lost. When I found the resources I now have, I WISHED I had found them earlier.


Because of my core values I HAD to find a way to make sure I could share what I have found to be so helpful with as many people as I could. 

In coaching you will improve productivity, discover how to find and manipulate motivation, organize for your brain, hit goals you have been trying to achieve, find focus and move forward in life with more confidence. 


Some pictures to help you get to know me a little more

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