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ADHD/ADD solutions you wish you had seen before…


You are tired of:

  • Missing deadlines

  • Missing/not hitting goals

  • Fighting organization

  • Finding motivation

  • Analysis Paralysis

  • Transitioning between tasks

  • Forgotten appointments

I provide research-based tools, tried and trusted by real ADHD people, to get you moving forward confidently.

In coaching,  you will: improve productivity, learn how to find motivation, organize WITH your brain, achieve your goals, find focus and move forward with more confidence. 


The first appointment is complimentary.  

I help ADHD students and working adults find their pace & peace - to organize, focus, and find accountable motivation.

For other questions

Text or call 403-829-1092


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​In ADHD coaching sessions you will 
  • Discover strategies for work and/or school and daily life

  • Become your own advocate.

  • Discover emotional health and resilience

  • and more...

Find your pace and your peace


Michelle has helped me understand so much about myself as a adult with add/adhd that I knew nothing about my whole life, I always just thought something was wrong with me for the longest time. She has made it so much easier for me accept and understand. Each meeting we have I learn more on how my brain works. Her knowledge and guidance has help me understand things for my kids and guide them in the right direction. Thankyou Michelle 

~Adult with diagnosed ADHD

Michelle really cares about her clients, getting one and one coaching from her is amazing.

~Adult with undiagnosed ADHD

"I'm actually excited to go and study now. This is a first for me!"
~High school student with undiagnosed ADHD

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